Hi Folks,

We could use the support of this Tech Community in getting the word around
and encouraging educators to attend Vermont Fest 2013. Our numbers are a
bit down this year and we would love a strong surge in the last few weeks.

--- There are still slots open in the Wednesday FREE Pre-conference
sessions 1A, 2A, & 2B.  I can't believe we haven't filled these yet.

--- There are still openings in most iPad sessions especially these related
to the Common Core State Standards.  We are going to try to leave these
open for registration for another week.

---  There are many other pre-conference or evening sessions that still
have room. *Moving Making  on the iPad, Mobile Media Making,Flipped
Classrooms, Managing Feedback at Warp Speed* just to mention a few.

--- and we have a full lineup of great workshops on Thursday and Friday
along with a full contingent of vendors including some big names we haven't
seen in a while.

SO... Please help support the conference and VITA-Learn's mission of
providing outstanding professional development opportunities for Vermont

Thanks a bunch.