Hi everyone,

As has been discussed here before, it seems to be the case that when
messages are sent to a group containing more than 100
external-to-the-domain addresses- not everyone gets it. (This based on
external addressee feedback.)  We have talked to Google Support and
received conflicting info- either that no more than 99 external e-mail
addresses/per group/per day can receive a message or that the limit is
10,000 per day (or 6.2 million- seriously)  It's confusing.

So, we are trying to gather external addresses (way more than 100
hopefully) to add to a group to test this whole thing.  We are asking this
group of committed tech users for help.

This link is to a
which you can provide an email address. (Any CSSU peeps out there-
please use a address.)  Once we have gathered- a hopefully
large number of addresses- we'll put them in a group and send it out with a
form link- to indicate receipt of the message. I'll give a heads up when
the second e-mail goes out. (We tried this on a smaller scale with
inconclusive results.)

Thank you for your help.  I will of course share the results.