How about removing Java 6 from Mac OS 10.6.8?  I am not looking to update
to 10.7 as we have no license nor do we intend to update this one iMac OS.

Apple and Oracle do not provide any method of removing 6.45 so that I can
install Java 6 update 5 (6.26) that is required for one of the VT
submissions (Kindergarten)...  Not just a matter of disable the version,
need to remove so that I can install.



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>  Hi folks,
>  I apologize for the delay in my response and apologize in advance for
> the brevity in this response... However; I am literally in the delivery
> room waiting for my wife to give birth.
>  In short, Raymond is pretty much right on:
> 1) We are aware that we are requiring the use of an outdated version of
> Java but are unable to upgrade our Oracle apps without requiring a major
> upgrade in our application server and worse a complete rewrite of all
> Oracle collections.
> 2) We are implementing VADR to automate many of these collections and will
> move those that aren't initially incorporated into VADR to a new collection
> platform.  While there is some pain, and we realize there is, it doesn't
> make sense to completely switch/rewrite when we know many of these
> collections are going away in the next year.
> 3) A district has just reached out to us to share how they are
> successfully maintaining the use of the old Java version, while keeping it
> secure.  We will work with them to issue further guidance that may help the
> rest of you as well.
>  We'll share more as soon as we can.  Thank you all for sharing your
> thoughts -and pain points- with us.  We are working hard to minimize the
> pain while still moving forward with as little rework as possible.
>  I will personally follow up again with another update as soon as
> possible.
>  Thanks,
> Brian
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> wrote:
>   my guess is that the state is trying to manage with whatever Oracle
> stuff they have now (without updates) as they bridge into VADR.
>  R
>   The state should support modern browsers that can run on all platforms.

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