We just did an experiment with a brand new, never been used iPad Mini.  While going through the initial setup the person needed an iTunes account (was given the option of creating one) but there was no requirement to update the iOS from 6 to 7 or even to get updates to iOS 6. 

I would suggest making it clear at Vermont Fest that the wi-fi is not capable of supporting people updating their new iPads.  If everyone holds off until they get home it should be OK.


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Hello all,

Speaking about I-Pad upgrades....  There are several sessions going on the Wednesday before Vermont Fest.  My understanding is that it's a good sized download AND we're talking about 85 units...  I understand that OS-X has the ability to operate as a cache server for I-Pads, and I'm looking for expertise out there to help with a "plan"mailto:[log in to unmask]>

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We did, wasn't expecting to though.  Had the "Install operating system updates" turned on, first time configurator was run when the iPads were plugged in and it just went and did it.

Only surprise was one app (which is used daily) wasn't compatible and had to be updated.

Craig Lyndes
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Has anyone successfully updated a full iPad cart to iOS7.03?

I'm having a challenging time.