will let you know, after our new policy (see below) goes into effect next

to date we have had a BYOD network, but not the policy.

Change in admin brought that latter about.

BYOD network is separate from the school WiFi.

BYOD network is filtered the same as the main network.

Password is public for students and guests alike.

I get some usage details (upload, download per device) on heavy users, so I
could speak to individuals who's usage seems out of line (haven't had to).

Have had only a few issues to date, the only interesting one (pre BYOD
policy) was where a student's startup page in their browser opened to a
google search for porn.

No porn actually visible as a result of the search, but I had the teacher
(who called me down to help the student with an issue) talk to the student
about changing it to something more school appropriate.

Our network is however very small (400 users, 250 school owned devices) so
our experience may not translate well to systems of size.

Additionally bc the WiFi is filtered, students may be relying on their own
data service (we have good VZW and ATT coverage here) as opposed to
overloading our WiFi.

For us, broadband (Charter cable) is the cheapest service that the students
use. Certainly cheaper than heat or electricity. For what we pay, it works
out to pennies a day per user. We also have many areas around town (and
sending schools) that have dial up or less as an option at home.

The policy below was created last spring, by a group of teachers and
students. It was a contentious multi-year process, that started out with
only teachers, was abandoned for failure to reach a consensus, and brought
up again after the admin change.

fingers crossed ...


Personal Devices, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at South Royalton School

The South Royalton School believes that electronic devices are valuable
resources to support and enrich the curriculum and school community.  The
benefits of these devices outweigh the potential disadvantages for
students.  It is the philosophy of the South Royalton School to teach and
model responsible device and resource use in a developmentally appropriate
manner. The school feels that acceptable use of technology lies in
behavior, not technology, however care should be taken that technology is
not used to the detriment of face-to-face social interaction.

Parameters of Use:
Beginning in grade 6, all students with grades of “C” or above may possess
and use personal, electronic, and digital devices at the following times:
• before and after school
• during lunch
• in study hall (with teacher’s permission)
• between classes (grades 9-12 only)

During classes, such devices may be used as appropriate tools when so
directed by the teacher or with the teacher’s permission.

Privilege of Use:
By default, students automatically have the privilege to possess and use
personal devices as outlined above.  The loss of this privilege can result
from neglecting intellectual, social, or emotional responsibilities.

Intellectual Responsibility:
• Any quarterly or semester grade below a “C”
Social/Emotional Responsibility:
• Unacceptable effort level in class
• Unacceptable behavior during the school day
• Use of personal devices to proliferate bullying or harassing behaviors
• Use of personal devices in an inappropriate manner, to include, but not
limited to:
• Taking photos without permission
• Copying academic material/plagiarizing
• Playing offensive music, videos, or games
• Viewing inappropriate content
• Using other students’ devices without permission
• All other prohibited behaviors included in OWSU District policy above

Loss of this privilege and its duration, based on the above criteria, will
be determined by a team that may include a teacher or teachers, the
planning room coordinator, an administrator, and the school IT faculty
member.  Loss of privilege due to a violation of the student’s
social/emotional responsibilities, as stated above, will be handled through
the school’s current disciplinary protocol.  The cause and duration of loss
of privileges as a result of disciplinary action will be clearly stated in
the discipline notice.  Loss of privilege due to quarterly or semester
grades below a “C” will require that the student prove to the team that
his/her grades are in the “C” or above range in order to regain the

Loss of the privilege will result in a mandatory surrender of all personal
devices at the start of the school day.  During a loss of privilege, the
team may determine that students be permitted to access school-owned
devices, for academic purposes only, during any class period (with the
exclusion of study hall and lunch) under direct supervision of a teacher or
paraprofessional. Students caught with personal devices while on
restriction may face further disciplinary action (detention / suspension).

 Assumption of Risk:
Students who choose to bring their own device to school do so at their own
risk.  The school does not take responsibility for lost or damaged items.
 Students are encouraged to safeguard their devices at all times.
The School reserves the right to inspect devices (school owned or personal)
upon suspicion of misuse or abuse.  Students have no expectation of privacy
for their personal devices once they bring them on campus or use them in
any way connected with other students or the school itself. Devices may be
confiscated, searched, or turned over to proper authorities (with subpoena).

.....what is your policy for students using cell phones and personal
> devices on your wireless network?  Do you allow any and all?  Any
> restrictions?  Do the student have to request access or just use a guest
> account of some type?  Have you had any associated issues with this?