At Winooski, we use a barracuda backup appliance for both our Windows and Mac servers as well as some key laptops. Documents are first fully backed up to the appliance itself and the. Backed up to two cloud storage facilities in the country. I don't have the fees offhand but can look it up if you wasn't. The appliance can back up as much hard drive space it has but the cloud is unlimited. If I want, I can choose just to backup to the appliance or just backup to the cloud. The restore process is very easy in a GUI format and the barracuda has its own raid backup so I can replace a hard drive if one goes bad. If the appliance goes up in flames, a new appliance will come in the mail with our backup on it. I have not had to do that thank goodness.


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I am researching different backup solutions.  We currently have four sites (2 of which are connected with fiber) that we need to backup.  We currently use Backup Exec to backup three of the locations to external USB drives attached to servers at one location.  Then the fourth location gets backed up to a USB drive plugged into its own server.  Everyday a member of the IT team swaps the drives and brings them to another location for disaster recovery.  The backups are taking longer and longer to finish which is running into the work day (sometimes 10 am).  Also it is time consuming for somebody to drive to another location each day.  I’m wondering what others are using for backup solutions.  I’m looking to eliminate the need to drive to other locations each day and for the backup to complete faster.  Thanks.


1.       Does anybody use the Cloud?

a.       If so how much data do you backup?

2.       What do you do for disaster recovery?

3.       Does anybody use deduplication?

4.       Any recommendations or advice as to what not to use would be great.


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