*A **FREE **Vermont Fest 2013 Pre-Conference Workshop for *

*Vermont Educational Leaders*

Are you in a position where you are charged with providing technology
leadership in your school/district?  Or, maybe you are in a position of
overseeing someone is such a position and you feel you need to become “more
aware” so that you can better support this position. Not only should you be
up-to-date on the latest opportunities and developments but also you must
be aware of emerging technologies… what’s down the pipeline.

What are considered “best practice” in this rapidly changing field?  Are
you allocating resources into the right places or are you following out
dated models? What Policies are still ok and which ones really need to be
updated?  With so many options, whom do you ask/listen to?

You may be a Superintendent, Tech Director/Coordinator, Curriculum,
Director, Principal or Assistant, Business Manager, Technology Support
Specialist, Librarian, or a Classroom Teacher.  Whomever you are don’t make
decisions on the limited knowledge, expertise and experience of just one
individual when you can combine with other educational technology leaders
throughout the state to make the best possible informed decisions based on
the expertise and experiences of many great Vermont educational leaders.

VITA-Learn and The Top Floor are offering a FREE pre-conference
session at *Vermont
Fest 2013* for educators in your position.  The first 30 people who sign up
who are also attending one or more regular Vermont Fest Conference days
will get in FREE.  This will include noon lunch at the Killington Grand
Resort and a great session from 1:00 – 4:00 PM led by Superintendent Ned
Kirsch and Technology Director and VITA-Learn Executive Director, Paul

*This session is underwritten and made available through the generous
sponsorship of “The Top Floor.”*