I'd suggest using gClassfolders or Teacher Dashboard...there is no way of really managing/recovering a doc in a shared folder if you aren't the owner. 

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Is the folder shared TO the student, or shared BY them to the teacher? We use the latter strategy, so that the student is owner of folder and files.

Only the owner can truly delete a document. If others try to delete or move it out of a shared folder they get a warning, and if they do it anyway the result is 1) no longer available to anyone else 2) may get moved out of the folder in the owner's Drive, still can be found in "All Documents"

Someone recently shared a tip to avoid issue 1, which is that people who want shared documents somewhere ELSE in their own Drive can use ctrl-click to make an additional shortcut to the document, while leaving it in the Shared folder.

If the concern is deletion at the end of the year, the teacher could download the entire student folder to have an archive...

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Hello all,

We've begun using Google Drive with 4th and 5th graders. They each have their own account in our GAFE domain, but we've been saving work in a Shared Folder.  

I'm worried that documents may get accidentally deleted from these folders, and a quick search indicates that there is no way to recover them.

Short of backing up using a paid Google backup system, is there a way to protect and/or recover deleted documents.

If I switch from using a shared folder, should I use "dropboxes" so that both the student and teacher can have access to the documents as they are worked on?

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