My own Picasa web albums do not have the option to share outside of the domain. And, while Google+ is enabled for us I have not upgraded my domain account. So, in addition to whether or not it is enabled by admin, I'm also wondering if both users have upgraded to Google+. (Or, is the limitation because Google+ IS enabled?)

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David - Do both accounts have G+ enabled, and if so were they enabled and/or set up in a similar time window?

Since Google has been messing with Picasa and G+ Photos for almost a year now, it wouldn't surprise me if that were the difference... My experience has been the once a user creates a G+ profile there are changes to Picasa.

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Any ideas why two accounts in the same district Google domain would have different sets of visibility choices for photo albums in Picasa Web?

One account sees Public on the Web, Limited, anyone with the link and Only you for the visibility options. The other person sees the district domain, the district domain with the link, Limited and Only you. This person can't share images in Picasa Web outside the district.



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