We have been experiencing the same recently on Wifi connected machines, regardless of browser or OS.  We are no where near our bandwidth limit, however, speed testing using 3 different tools pins it down to wifi connected machines getting download speeds like this:Inline image 1

As opposed to wired machines getting speeds like this:  Inline image 2

Guess who's wifi vendor is getting a phone call today!

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We are having a problem maintaining connectivity with Google Apps at several of our schools.  Students will connect and then the connection times out with students getting a “trying to connect” error message.  This is not a problem every time in that it has been sporadic over a period of time and it is disruptive.  Yesterday we experienced issues in three schools.   I have read the Google Apps Best Practices Networking Guide and I believe we are doing everything they recommend.  Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? If so, what corrective actions did you take?


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