Two really good articles on preparing and upgrading:


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I have been running the developer preview for months and it has been very solid and an excellent improvement, especially in battery life management. Any machines that are compatible with 10.8 Mountain Lion will be compatible.

If you are upgrading via the App Store, you need to be running 10.6.8 or higher. However, you could extract the InstallESD image from the installer and use that to install without the store on other machines. Personally, I just configure one reference workstation and then create a DeployStudio image from it, which I can deploy to any Mac on the network.

I hope to upgrade our compatible machines before the end of the year, but not immediately.

One of the other big benefits is the SMB2 file sharing support, both for connecting to Windows servers, and as the default protocol between 10.9 Macs.

I recommend testing on some machines to see how nice it is and reading the entire John Siracusa review at Ars Technica: OS X 10.9 Mavericks: The Ars Technica Review No longer an apex predator, OS X takes some time for introspection.



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Anyone seen yet (I realize not a lot of time has passed) why upgrading for FREE? to Apple's latest OS Mavericks would NOT be a good option?

Would mean we could even out our licenses and OS versions.  However, as we all know about recent rollouts (Health Care) things don't always work the first time on a major release.

Just thought I would start the conversation that I know many of you are having...

Thoughts and opinions?  (Mac centered - not a "move to OpenSource" thread)


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