any issues with enforcement bc of the lack of signature?

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We switched to a passive policy a year or so ago.  The student handbook
spells out expectations for student behavior in all areas, and
consequences for not meeting those expectations.  We saw no reason to
treat computer use any different from, say, plagiarism, it was taking too
much of my time to track who had, and hadn't, returned the forms, it was
difficult for teachers to plan computer based activity in September,
knowing a few of their kids might not have access, etc.

Bob Wickberg
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>Wondering what the practice is out there in middle and high schools
>regarding AUPs.
>We have every 7th and 8th grader sign the AUP at the beginning of each
>year.  We don't have a firm practice in place in the high school.
>Are schools generally requiring that students sign the AUP each year?
>How about parents?
>Or are things set up so that the AUP is referenced when logging onto the
>network or on a school-owned device?
>Luis Bango
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