I have run into two separate limitations from Google on sending to external domains.  One for groups another for Google Apps in general.  Sounds like the individual group would be under their limitations but I wonder if you are running into a domain limitation for the day.  Hopefully the links below clarify a little.  

Google Group message limits -
Google Apps sending limits -


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Hi everyone,

As has been discussed here before, it seems to be the case that when messages are sent to a group containing more than 100 external-to-the-domain addresses- not everyone gets it. (This based on external addressee feedback.)  We have talked to Google Support and received conflicting info- either that no more than 99 external e-mail addresses/per group/per day can receive a message or that the limit is 10,000 per day (or 6.2 million- seriously)  It's confusing.

So, we are trying to gather external addresses (way more than 100 hopefully) to add to a group to test this whole thing.  We are asking this group of committed tech users for help.

This link is to a form in which you can provide an email address. (Any CSSU peeps out there- please use a address.)  Once we have gathered- a hopefully large number of addresses- we'll put them in a group and send it out with a form link- to indicate receipt of the message. I'll give a heads up when the second e-mail goes out. (We tried this on a smaller scale with inconclusive results.)

Thank you for your help.  I will of course share the results.



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