The only "conspiracist ravings" here are those who like to label everything they don't understand or agree with, as "conspiracy ravings".

Funny, we'd all probably end up in the same demonstrations and take the same political stances on most global issues. ... and maybe even like each other when we meet.

But to dismiss out of hand the things that at least some of us find to be important and, yes, credible, and to assign labels to them -- the better to NOT hear, and to trivialize those views -- is quite tragic.

I welcome the contesting of information I post. I come here, unlike many others who've been driven away, specifically to hear the socialist scientists' critiques of that information, and I often modify what I write based on those critiques. But the conspiracy mongering labels are just soooo pathetic and foolish.

I am not aware of ignoring any "posting limits". The recent posts on Fukushima and flu-shots seem to be well within the framework for discussion.


At 11:30 AM 10/25/2013, Carrol Cox wrote:
Were the list more active, and were the posting limits enforced,
Conspiracist ravings would not bulk so large. But the list has been
relatively inactive, MC has ignored posting limits, and the archives of the
list will now present a very strange  image of "science for the people." The
recent huckstering  of Gary Null's dangerous nonsense was intolerable.


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Also note that the "Yale professor" quoted with respect to #28 (the fission
one) is emeritus professor of sociology. This is a common and very
irritating bogus use of academic credentials to make a claim appear
scientific. If the list-producer were responsible, he would have included
"sociologist" along with (or instead of) "Yale." Instead, he wanted us to be
impressed by the elite authority of "Yale" while hiding the fact that the
quoted source has no actual claim to scientific expertise on the subject of

Sigrid Schmalzer
Associate Professor, History Department
Director, Social Thought & Political Economy Program UMass Amherst On
10/25/2013 3:54 AM, Steve Nadel wrote:

        Trying to separate out what is scare mongering and what has any
validity in such a list is itself a herculean effort.
        However, I think it is important  for people to read the attached
article describing the working conditions and organization of the Tepco
effort, which exposes the very real dangers of relying on such a corrupt
corporate/mafioso (in the literal sense unfortunately, see article) state
system as in Japan to manage such a disaster.


        On Oct 25, 2013, at 12:03 AM, Michael H Goldhaber <[log in to unmask]>

                 As a west coast resident, I consider this to be
irresponsible  scare mongering. On what basis, Mitchell, do you conclude
that "if all of the below is true -- and it well may be --"? 
                 The author, a lawyer with no particular scientific training,
lumps completely inconsistent claims together with reports that quite likely
have nothing whatever to do with radiation, such as the remarks about
various animals, or barren beaches. All sorts of animals, such as moose, not
found near the Pacific, have undergone severe problems in recent years,
problems that often antedate Fukushima, and , if linked to any global event,
are far more likely a consequence of global warming.

                 Putting forth such ill-analyzed scare articles is no public
service but rather the opposite. It blinds people to real problems and has
them take possibly dangerous  and certainly unnecessary actions to ward off
what well may be no danger. A similar irresponsible claim is the one you
made recently with regard to flu vaccine. Flu kills many people every year
and flu vaccine often offers protection, if not certain immunity. Those who
listen to you may die as a result. Please consider that.


                 On Oct 24, 2013, at 8:55 PM, Mitchel Cohen
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