I am a relative newcomer to this list.
I delete a fair amount without opening it, often because I have come to understand that the sender rarely says anything I want to know.

I often do this with Mitchell's posts.  

Why? Because what I see in them usually is a mountain of poorly integrated facts and reports that he does not sift through.  Good writing in a list serve like this consists of starting with what the point of the posting is.  What will I learn by reading the posting? What challenge will it make to what I think I know?

And then whatever evidence is produced is organized so as to bear on this--along with a statement of its limitations.

Occasionally Mitchell does this, but far too often he does not.

As to the argument between Herb and Thomas:  It assumes a lot of prior knowledge about SftP that I am probably others do not have.





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I’d like to jump in for a moment here and say that we should all begrateful for those who report what facts they can find ---and if they tryto connect some dots but aren’t always right on the money ­ we should still be grateful we had the information so we can connect thedots another way ( global warming for instance)   

The problem would be if we let phrases like "fearmongering"  keep us from learning that there is an increase ofanimals with problems and fish with problems in these areas. Muchnecessary information is suppressed in every community across ournation  with the simple phrase  "fear mongering" --and that alone was a red flag when I read this --but the biggest red flagfor me here was the comment about the flu vaccines.   In factit is “fear mongering “ that drives people to get vaccines every year indroves I have concluded from the research I have done.  I invite youto do your own . 

Amazingly, when I was researching West Nile  incidents vscancer & other  detriments from pesticides, I was led to inquireabout  a comparison of the number of deaths from flu vs the numberof deaths from flu vaccine.  I would dare any one of you to find mea site with an accurate analysis of complications and deaths from fluvaccines.  It was amazing . I even implored this group to try tofind me  the scientific data on it .  Despite the millions thatget flu vaccines every year ­ they do not publish the information toreally show what your risks are from the vaccine itself .  Likefluoride ­ and pesticides for West Nile ­ we are told the chemicals/vaccines save lives or guard against illness/disease.  But if youdon’t know the real results from the “cure” itself, it would be hard foryou to concur. The people telling you about it  have a “dog in thefight”  - a money making one !  

So let’s not kill the messenger ­ let’s be grateful for whatever wecan get to help us be aware . Especially from those not being funded toput out a corporate perspective….  And email me if you find the flustats --- I’m still hunting …

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