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October 25, 2013

From:  Tom Sullivan

To:      UVM Community

Re:       Sodexo Dining Services

I am writing to inform you that the University of Vermont’s assessment of Sodexo’s proposed redefinition of part-time status affecting Sodexo employees is continuing.  As a result, the changes proposed by Sodexo will not be implemented as originally announced by Sodexo.  The context for this decision includes several factors:
  • A very tight timeframe from the date of notification for employees to consider health care options
  • The challenges of accessing accurate and timely information on which to assess available health care options, including enrollment procedures under the Federal Affordable Care Act
  • Uncertainties regarding how soon current health care implementation problems will be resolved
  • The University’s obligation to complete its review of the proposed changes under the contract with Sodexo, including the impact those changes may have for Sodexo employees
  • The timing of the upcoming request for proposal process for dining services that will begin in early 2014 for a new contract beginning July 1, 2015, given that the present contract with Sodexo ends on June 30, 2015
Sodexo employees will not experience changes in the current definition of employment status and associated benefits until further notice in order for the University to complete its analysis based on a full review of all relevant data and facts.  The outcome will depend on a clearer understanding of the availability and affordability of health care options for Sodexo employees and other potential impacts, whether positive or negative. 

Further, Sodexo management is currently engaged in ongoing conversations with its on campus employees to assist them in understanding how potential changes and options may affect them.  In light of these facts and circumstances, it is prudent that the University delay any decision regarding a change in benefits so that it may invest the time to thoroughly and accurately assess the impacts on Sodexo employees, and on the quality of service to our primary constituencies before a final determination is made regarding next steps. 

Tom Sullivan
University of Vermont
85 South Prospect
Waterman Building
Burlington, Vermont 05405

(802) 656-7878 (office)
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