October 9, 2013

TO:    UVM Community

FROM:    Wendy Koenig, Director of Federal Relations
                  Jennifer Gagnon, Interim Associate Vice President for 
Research Administration

RE: *    Federal Government Partial Shut Down - Update

*As we enter day nine of the partial government shutdown, things remain 
gridlocked. The US House and Senate have not come to any agreement on 
funding the government as we inch towards the country's deadline on 
raising the debt limit, set for October 17th.

On Capitol Hill, each office has decided which staffers are essential to 
their operations, so work continues on a limited basis and is focused on 
finding a solution to this budget crisis. We receive daily reports that 
Congress continues to attempt to reach a "grand bargain," which would 
address deficit reduction, the sequester, spending, taxes, and 
entitlements, but have yet to find a permanent solution.

This situation continues to impact all of us on campus. Many factors 
will play into whether or not federally funded activities will be 
disrupted, including the duration of the shutdown, which federal agency 
is funding the research, how the research is funded, and what federally 
supported infrastructure you rely upon to conduct your research. For 
specific details on each research agency's shutdown guidance, we 
recommend you consult _the updates_provided by the American Association 
for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) R&D Budget and Policy program. You 
can also visit this _White House website_to read the shutdown plans for 
all federal agencies. Also, UVM Sponsored Project Administration is 
providing constant updates that are most relevant on their website 

We will continue to monitor the partial government shutdown daily. We 
encourage anyone with questions to please contact Wendy Koenig in the 
Office of University Relations or Jennifer Gagnon in SPA at any time. We 
are here to help.