October 1, 2013

TO:    UVM Community

FROM:    Wendy Koenig, Director of Federal Relations

RE: *    Federal Government Partial Shut Down*

As you may know, yesterday the United States Congress was unable to 
reach agreement on a continuing resolution to fund government 
operations. As of today, the federal government partially will be shut 
down until an agreement on funding can be reached.

This situation does have implications for us here at the University of 

All direct loans and Pell grants will remain funded, but their payment 
disbursements may be delayed due to a reduction of staff at the US 
Department of Education. Also, any influx of federally funded research 
grant dollars will be halted until the government is up and 
running.Faculty with current federal grants may continue to spend funds 
on hand. All federal agencies will be closed during the shutdown, with 
only essential personnel on duty.

We are hopeful that this government closure will be resolved quickly. In 
the event that it continues for more than seven days, federal agencies 
will release further guidance on more long term contingencies. Also, for 
more detailed information on each agency's shutdown plan, please visit . We will continue to 
closely monitor this issue and provide you with timely updates as 
information becomes available. I know that this situation may bring up 
many questions, so please feel free to contact me with any concerns you 
may have.