October 17, 2013

To:         UVM Community

From:    Wendy Koenig, Director of Federal Relations

RE: *Resolution to Federal Shut Down*

Late last night the US House of Representatives and US Senate agreed 
upon a bill that will re-open and temporarily fund the government, as 
well as authorize a raise in the debt ceiling. The plan includes:

·Government funded through January 15, 2014 at sequestration levels

·Debt limit extended until February 7, 2014

·A budget conference established to come up with long-term spending 
plans by December 13, 2013

·Income verification for recipients of subsidies under the Affordable 
Care Act's  newly-established exchanges

·Back pay for furloughed workers

·A provision that requires a proactive vote to /disapprove/ extending 
the debt limit, as opposed to having regular votes to raise it

Federal funding agencies will re-open today and begin usual operations. 
We expect that there will be delays in review of grant submissions and 
awards. Faculty may now contact their program officers with questions or 
to ask for guidance. Again, recall that there will be a barrage of 
inquiries for these workers, so please exercise patience when contacting 

If you experience any difficulties or have questions regarding the 
re-opening of the federal government, please feel free to contact me at 
any time.