Please excuse the flip nature of the previous email. I can't believe I 
just made that classic error of sending to an entire list when I meant 
to send just to an individual. And it's way too early for me to be 
answering emails on so little sleep

To explain: When I posted that preliminary program, I knew that the 
information was incomplete and I was hoping that by posting it to the 
website people on the Organizing Committee would get back to me with 
quick corrections and additions. Of course, some of the panels actually 
are undersubscribed, and so the organizers are looking for more 
panelists. If people are interested in participating in the panels and 
want to contact the organizers, please send an email directly to me and 
I will put you in touch.

Again, please accept my apologies for the weird communication and the 
potentially rude connotations -- they were not intentional. And I hope 
people will be excited by the way the conference is coming together!


Sigrid Schmalzer
Associate Professor, History Department
Director, Social Thought & Political Economy Program
UMass Amherst