Dear Colleagues,

Our friend and advocate David Sumner died last Sunday.

His obituary is available on the funeral home web site:

I'm grateful to have visited him at home in Springfield Illinois about 5 years ago.  There he explained to me his circuit model of the cerebral circulation, a subject of central importance in our field.  This conversation became the basis of his last publication:
Lal BK, Beach KW, Sumner DS., Intracranial collateralization determines hemodynamic forces for carotid plaque disruption., J Vasc Surg. 2011 Nov;54(5):1461-71.

Sumner's obituary mentions the book "Hemodynamics for Surgeons" that he co-authored with Gene Strandness.  Strandness suggested that they should collaborate on a small pamphlet describing hemodynamics for vascular surgeons, a tome for those  interested in the use of the plethysmograph for diagnosing arterial and venous diseases.  But Sumner just could not stop himself, working late into the night for a couple of years to provide us with a comprehensive guide to vascular physiology that is the basis of noninvasive diagnosis.

Above my desk is a picture, taken by his wife Marty, of David explaining to me one of the puzzles of the circulation.
As we end this Thanksgiving weekend, I'm thankful for David Sumner and for all of you who continue to contribute to the better understanding of cardiovascular diagnosis for the benefit of all.

Your fan

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