*Office of the President

	November 22, 2013

/From:/Tom Sullivan

/To:/UVM Students

/Re:/*Thanksgiving Wishes*

    As we move into the week of Thanksgiving, I want to express my
    gratitude to each of you -- students, faculty, staff, alumni, and
    friends, who make this institution a warm, inclusive, and vibrant
    community.The energy, enthusiasm, and creativity you put into your
    work is felt across campus.It is this positive spirit that again has
    brought us national recognition in the media.Last month an article
    about our distinctiveness as a public ivy appeared in /The Atlantic
    describing our sense of community, our environmental focus, and our
    volunteerism.We know this is an extraordinary place, and we are
    delighted to share this spectacular landscape and the wealth of
    opportunities on campus with those who have joined the University
    from across the country and around the world.

    This fall we have continued to advance our educational mission.We
    are united by our shared aspirations and our shared values.This
    semester, members of our community demonstrated those shared values
    in many ways.At the beginning of the term, two UVM soccer players
    assisted a stranger with multiple sclerosis hiking on Mount
    Mansfield.On the last day of Staff Appreciation Week, staff members
    volunteered at local organizations including the Ronald McDonald
    House.Professor Cecilia Danks with the students in her
    community-based natural resource management course continue to work
    to save Vermont's ash trees and protect local forests by launching a
    public ash awareness program.I am proud that our campus continues to
    be distinguished by public engagement, altruism, a strong sense of
    community, a concern for the environment, and a furtherance of
    life-long learning.

    Leslie and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.We hope that your
    time with family and friends is relaxing and restorative and that
    your holiday celebration is joyful.

    With deep appreciation and thanks for all you do for UVM.