Hi all,

I was out birding there too today and ended up discussing this same
fact. And yes it is open to hunting. The state has recently changed what
activities have priority at these sites and boat launching and hunting have
priority. Activities like birding are not mentioned in these new
regulations.  I know it is a bit strange for people to be hunting in such a
heavy use area, but just be aware that they can hunt at a number of these
such sites and give hunters their room and we can all use these sites
without any problems!

Kaylee Pollander

On Wednesday, November 13, 2013, Nancy Goodrich wrote:

> At the Shelburne Bay fishing access today at 3:00pm 2 hunters got out of
> their separate trucks , each with a rifle and walked to the big rock at the
> end of the parking lot and then walked out of sight down toward the water.
> Is this an area that is open to hunting ??  Nancy Goodrich, Shelburne