Hi Bob,

It is currently raining up here in Montreal, so bring some rain gear. The
prediction is for rain all day today, I'm afraid. Tomorrow is supposed to
be partly cloudy with a possibility of rain early in the morning only.
Temperatures are around 36F at the moment and will be around 32F tomorrow.

Jim's directions are perfect to get to the Fort and Marina, but the bird is
also being seen at the Water Purification works. To get there, follow Jim's
directions to Boulevard Frechette. Once you're past the roundabouts, look
for Boulevard Franquet on the right - its just past a left bend in the
road. Follow it to the end (its not that long) until you come to a
T-junction with Boulevard Industriel. Turn right and a short way up the
road you'll see a red brick building on your left, #2415. Directly opposite
it is a gate with two no-entry signs on either side of it. Park on the
street there, and enter at that gate. There is a mound to the left when you
go in and you can see the ponds from there. The bird is often seen in the
closest pond, but does spend some time in the further ones too.

Good luck!


On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 8:35 AM, Bob Dill <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> OK, I am convinced.  I may try to go up today, leaving Burlington around
> 10 and back by 4.  The weather will be cloudy with light wind and,
> probably, no rain.  If you are interested in going along, send me an email.
> Bob
> On 11/22/2013 6:13 AM, Jim Mead wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I was in Chambly, Quebec yesterday and did have the good fortune to see
>> the continuing Ross's Gull. I did not intend to go after this gull, when I
>> first heard about it. I then read Bryan Pfeiffer's well written posting of
>> his trip up there last weekend and was inspired to make the trek. I planned
>> to go up yesterday and was glad I did. It was a beautiful sunny morning
>> with 5-6 mph SE winds. Visibility was quite good and other birders I met
>> there were very friendly. Now, let me make this perfectly clear, "Read my
>> "words"- This Rare ROSS'S GULL is worth making the trip to see. I went onto
>> ebird and found that this is the only recent sighting of this species
>> anywhere near the United States. Those of us who are lucky enough to live
>> in VT and are very close to it indeed. Others from neighboring states are
>> also pretty close too. I met a birder from Pittsburg, PA and another from
>> RI. They both traveled many more hours to see this gull than we Vermont
>> birders need to. This is an Ar!
> ct!
>>   ic species and doesn't come this far south very often. Those of you
>> that may be wondering what the trek is like, I am providing the following
>> info:
>> I went to google and typed, Fort Chambly National Historic Site. Once on
>> that page, I clicked on "directions". I then typed my address in the start
>> address box. I printed the directions and used them to get there. You might
>> think that this is a bit old fashioned but with the cost of roaming charges
>> (if I had used my iphone's GPS in Canada), I thought this choice was a
>> better one. On that note, please remeber to turn off your cell phones
>> before you reach the US/Canada border. Those with specific GPS devices
>> would obviously not need printed directions.
>> The trip from VT is so easy. You drive up 89, cross the border (remember
>> to bring proper documentation), continue north on QC-133 which becomes
>> Autoroute 35, then becomes Boulevard Frechette. You will then drive through
>> 3 roundabouts continuing north. About a mile after the after the 3rd
>> roundabout you will come to a Tee. Turn right onto Avenue Bourgogne. Once
>> on Ave. Bourgogne, drive about 1/2 a mile and you will see Fort Chambly on
>> the left. Simply put, get to the border and drive straight north about 40
>> miles and turn right at the Tee. According to my printed directions, the
>> trip should have taken 1 hr, 39 minutes from my house in Williston. It
>> actually took me 1 hr, 45 minutes.
>> Specific location where I saw the gull:
>> Driving east on Ave. Bourgogne (from Boulevard Frechette) you will pass 2
>> roads on the right (Rue Ostiguy then Rue Maurice), then you will drive
>> across a bridge which spans a canal. Take the second drive on the left and
>> park in that parking lot and you will then see the Richelieu River Basin.
>> That marina is straight in front of that parking lot. There are no boats
>> there now but there is a bar of land parallel with and about 100-150 yds.
>> from the shore. That is where I saw the Ross's Gull twice yesterday
>> morning. Continuing east along Ave. Bourgogne from there you can take a
>> left onto Rue du Fort, park in the lot on the right and bird the basin
>> along the water's edge around the Fort property. I first saw the gull from
>> the NW corner of the Fort at 7:14 a.m. You can see all of this if you click
>> on the map on the Fort Chambly National Historic Site page.
>> I'm guessing that if some of you try for this bird either today or during
>> the weekend, that other birders will be there and can help you find the
>> other locations that the gull has been seen. I hope others try for this
>> bird as it may be a once in a lifetime sighting. Then again, there may be
>> another chance to see one in the U.S. anytime in the future. . . I hope
>> this info is somewhat helpful.
>> Lots of luck to any that try for this beauty,
>> Jim Mead

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