At MSJ the cost of breakage was about 10% cost of the program.  Which meant
that more than 10% of the computers broke, but the cost to fix those came
to be about 10%.   Broken screens were the largest culprit.   Out of 3
years I only had 2 that needed complete replacement due to mis-use, nothing

I did learn a few things.
1. Don't expect a sub-$300 device to last 4 years.   At FHU we are going
1:1 next year and I plan to do a 2 year fair market value lease.  This
allows us to replace the devices every 2 years, and not have to pay the
full cost of the device.
3. Loose hinges will destroy a device!!!!!!  This started on Year 2, but
the hinges started loosing.   If the plastic mount breaks because the
screws were loose the device is instantly turned into a parts machine.

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On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 10:53 AM, Bob Wickberg <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> We're getting fairly serious about starting a 1:1 program next year with
> Chromebooks.  We'd like to know what experience schools have with the
> following, to at the very least tell us how many spares we should have on
> hand.
> What percentage of the devices fail in the course of a year?  How many of
> those are failures a normal warrantee would cover, and how many are due to
> breakage?
> What percentage of students lose them?  have them stolen?  fail to return
> them at year end?
> in addition to the cost of the device itself, how much are you budgetting
> to procure them, and what are you spending that additional money on?
> extended warrantees and/or insurance, cases, apps, what else?
> Are you charging the parents anything for insurance? or is the school
> carrying any, or are you assuming the risk yourself?
> Some of these questions are most pertinent to other schools doing
> Chromebooks, but I'd be interested in the answers especially on the loss,
> theft, breakage questions for other devices, too.
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