Happy holidays...I just got clearance from Marlboro to teach that Intro to
Maker graduate level class with any number of students (1 to 20). So I know
it's going to run.

It's all online, the cost matches the UVM rate of $572/credit

Please pass the word, it's going to rock...

Classes start January 3rd. Drop/add ends Jan. 12th though, so I'll soft
start the class until then while we order our tools, kits and books.

Register online at:

*Introduction to Physical Computing (Makerspaces/fab labs) in Education,
EDU617.W14 - Online*Taught by: Caleb Clark
UVM rate of $572/credit
This is an online, hands on, experiential workshop that will cover the
foundation skills, equipment and resources used in Makerspaces and
fabrication labs in education. Students will complete the same a set of
tutorials at home while supporting each other online via discussion,
documentation (photo/video) and reflection. In addition, students will
build a personal learning network of Makers and visit at least one maker
lab in their region. Tutorials will include micro-controllers (Arduino),
rapid prototyping (3d printers laser cutters), and basic programming.
Readings and course materials will focus on using physical computing in
K-12 environments to support Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math
(STEAM) education. Students will leave the course ready to teach the
tutorials they' ve completed in a standard classroom, accompanied by field
trips to a fab lab. Course materials are approximately $175 for supplies
and tools.

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   - Making Mobile Media for Educators
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   - Instructional Design

Also, if you know someone you think would be a good fit for a Marlboro
EdTech Masters degree, VT EdTech endorsement, or certificate, have them
contact Joe Heslin at: 802-258-9209 or [log in to unmask]


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Chair/faculty, educational technology MAT, Marlboro College Graduate and
Professional Studies.
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