I had trouble with most of the calendar based sign-out tools since
everything was by period and not by a specific time.

I wound up purchasing, and find it incredibly easy to

1. Easy to use
2. Uses period instead of times
3. Web-based, hosted externally
4. No login required

1. Expensive $199/yr ~ it is designed for EDU so that is the schools cost.
2. Doesn't snyc with GAFE so users need to be manually imported.
3. No login required.   I have not run into any issues yet, but technically
malicious teachers or students could signup for others or delete others
labs.   However it does keep a log which I think could show if someone had
it and then was deleted.

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> Hello School IT:
> For those of you who manage flexible computer lab or other tech resource
> scheduling in your elementary school (and find it successful) what is your
> model, parameters, limitations, etc. for this?
> Thank you in advance!
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