They just want us to know that "they" are not the mean NSA people. :/ 

The public need not be alarmed!

OK just keep paying attention is the best thing.


"My personal philosophy toward the use of technology in general is this: To
support lifelong education, and make information available to more people
within our communities, what could be more important? Technology should
empower liberty, community and full access to information rather than
dependency on any proprietary monopoly in business, or government. This is
vitally important to education and certainly more important than blind
ambition to amass money. "Emerging technologies" are after all more driven
by money than by innovation born of a deep reflection about what is most
important for our communities. I am not saying that money is some kind of
evil, money can accomplish many good things, I am simply pointing out that
the motivation for money can be an evil. I realize this might not be
immediately obvious to the people involved, but it is still true. I am not
suggesting that progress be curtailed or succumb to fear and ignorance. I am
suggesting that every person involved be extra vigilant about what bandwagon
and philosophy they align themselves with. Just because something is free
does not mean that it really is free in the long run. What price are we
really being asked to give in exchange? What price is being asked of our
individual liberty in the face of some hand offering a free ticket, a shiny
new toy that seems like a perfect solution and so very helpful? 

Use the wonderful tools we have today to best advantage, but do not be
fooled into holding some company above reproach or beyond accountability. Or
just holding them above in general.


Thanks for the article JMorris!





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