Thanks everyone who gave me feedback.  I fixed the direction link which was broken, and added new last minute submissions from our 4 brave Vermont educator host. 

So now all that's left to do is to make sure your school is represented on the Virtual Gallery along with other Vermont  classrooms.  THANK YOU TO ORCHARD SCHOOL for being the first to SHARE!  Nice job, Donna! 

Here is the blurb I'm hoping you will send out.
Let's make sure our school participation in Hour of Code is present in this Think About Code  project!  It's easy to share if you follow the super easy direction on the Share page!

"Thousands of Vermont students are joining the millions of students who will be participating in Hour of Code December 9 - 13.  Learn how you can contribute pics, samples of oode, projects that your students are creating to the Vermont Think About Code Virtual Gallery set up for this  international event.   Not only will you find directions for sharing at this website, you will also find 4 special Hour of Code Challenges created by Vermont educators for Vermont students (from early elementary to high school) .  Its not too late to join  or 'watch at  or
go directly to the Vermont Think About Code project at

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