Thank you Peter, and Lucie

I am not able to travel but if people would like some help with using Google Apps Scrip, I would be happy to help as much as I can.

If people are looking for projects and would like to build an integrated script to work with gClassFolders through the gClassHub, I will help get it published.

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Hi all:

The Hour of Code program this week is really taking off! I was at St. Albans City school and Swanton School on Monday and saw great things going on.. lots of great mentoring between younger and older students, and a lot of code being created. Younger students were using Lightbot and Kodable and really enjoying the interaction with older students. One group of young women at St. Albans City were discussing careers for women in technology. A great group of ladies from 6-7 grade were highly engaged in that one.

Sigrid and I are planning to be in some schools tomorrow and Friday AM as well to see some more activities. We are going to be posting some of these pics etc. to our social media and well be tweeting out from VTED_Technology about the things we are seeing....

On another note.. because of the activities going on and because Lucie has been great about the ThinkAboutCode site, we have some programmers, (mostly in the Chittenden County area, but willing to travel) that have said they would like to volunteer at schools. I know the week is getting past us but if you would like some of them to visit, please contact me ASAP off-list and Ill put you in touch with the programmers.

Here is a little synopsis of who they are.. without emails quite yet... contact me first and Ill get you that... you might even ask them to speak to a group as well.


Brett and Peter are full time developers for Burton and Agillion respectively. Brett has experience in Javascript and Ruby, Peter also has experience in both Javascript and Ruby. Maureen is the founder and lead organizer of GirlDevelopIt BTV and she has experience in website development and Javascript. Rich has experience in website marketing and digital strategy, but I am sure he can hack his way through the exercises.

My experience is in Python, Ruby, and Javascript programming, as well as website development and some system administration.

Maureen can be very busy organizing the GirlDevelopIt classes and so may or may not be able to assist. If either of you can provide options for dates and times to assist in the classroom I will see who can attend.

I would be happy to speak with you more about my experience with GirlDevelopIt-BTV, as a member since it's founding and a TA/Instructor for many of its classes. Let me know what information you are looking for.

Thanks for the fast response. It will be a pleasure the help out.


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