Last week was amazing.. we (VErmont educators)  did SO much to put the spotlight on innovation in our schools.   A topic that came up  during this past week in my conversations with some of you  was that "while hour of code" put a spotlight on innovation, it also highlighted some glaring equity issues. 

And then this article came across my 'feed' ... also touching on equity

Is it time to delve into a conversation about equity?    (Here)  or in some other conversation space?  I posted this quote from the article below as well as  on the following  two Forums.. anyone want to talk?

Vita-Learn Forum

Apps, Coding, Games, and Robots Community

Here is the quote from the Digital Promise  article, would love to discuss this....

" the problem with education in America is not lack of excellence; there are pockets of excellence that outshine the best of the best around the world. All across the country, students are designing, coding, composing, animating and publishing. They are experimenting and solving problems of water and energy, creating guides to local treasures and developing global competence through virtual exchanges that connect students across cultural and national borders."

And all across the country, innovative education leaders and classroom teachers are engaging, motivating and nurturing students to develop mindsets for lifelong learning.

The problem with our schools is not lack of excellence. It’s lack of equity.

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