here is the response we got from our rep, re a question about delivery to answering machines.

but I think the response, may speak to how BbC deals with delivery issues in general ...

As someone else said, "blame the victim".


As far as the answering machines these are usually a case by case issue; there are no standard issues that can cause this to occur. The way it works is the message starts as soon as the system believes there is a pick i.e. a “tone” from the answering machine, we see this issue you mention in the below email mostly with contacts who have either ring back tones, or very Long outgoing messages. The system continues to play the message waiting for silence or a live pick, if there is  noise in the background the system will stop and wait for silence, but if it is too short and continues to play prior to hearing silence it will be finished before having a chance to restart. Normally we recommend any messages sent to your contacts be at least 30 seconds long to keep from this occurrence happening; once the system is playing the message but hears a tone, or live pick up it will restart when hearing silence; most recipients may have background noise or call interference and the message is not able to restart; because it was not hearing silence. To test this again it is case by case for the phone numbers and we can research this further with our level 2 if you can provide the numbers of these contacts experiencing this issue and request permission for testing with our telecommunications.


To improve these results you may need to contact these recipients and request they provide an additional number that is not using a ring back or specialized answering message that may be too long, ensure that all messages sent are at least 30 seconds to allow the system to restart when there is silence, and finally if this continues with these specific contacts provide me a list of these numbers and approval to test with our level 2 to find resolution.

Digging up an email from a few months ago.  Steve J - I was wondeirng if
you or Michael or anyone else who was experiencing this has found any
resolution with your providers?  We have held off our upgrade to Connect5
because of these concerns.