HI - the reason there is a problem from Connect 5 is that their automated callers can overwhelm a local phone company switch.  The solution is to tell Connect that particular switches on a particular exchange are slow, and they will send out the messages more slowly.  It is not a problem generally with Connect, but the phone companies.


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Hi all --
Digging up an email from a few months ago.  Steve J - I was wondeirng if
you or Michael or anyone else who was experiencing this has found any
resolution with your providers?  We have held off our upgrade to Connect5
because of these concerns.

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>This is typically a result of VoIP service call delivery that many
>notification providers use because it’s significantly less expensive
>for them to send out calls; the drawback is less reliable call delivery.
>  My understanding was AlertNow had a hybrid system  (VoIP/ISDN), but
>I am not sure how they determined if the calls would be sent VoIP vs.
>ISDN.  This is an “under the hood” feature that many people don’t
>think to evaluate, but can significantly impact service quality. 


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>We were AlertNow customers until this past summer, when we switched over
>to Alert Solutions Power Announcement. About a week ago we had a report
>of a call not getting to all parents and the call quality was
>garbled/choppy. At first, we assumed maybe it was a bad cell connection
>for one family, but the issue appeared to be more widespread. We
>contacted Power Announcement and their support team was able to reproduce
>the steps. They are looking into the issue, and they believed the issue
>to potentially be something on the provider end.

>In short, it appears this issue is something that is not necessarily
>specific to either Connect5 or Power Announcement, but hopefully
>something both can resolve with the providers. It was helpful seeing the
>post about this happening with Connect5 (sorry Connect5), but we had a
>number of users doubting our switch, due to the trouble with that one
>call. Now seeing this has happened to our “old” provider, is at least
>helpful to know it’s not just Power Announcement having this issue from
>time to time.

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>We have been having issues with some people not getting phone calls from
>our emergency alert system, Connect5 (replaced Alertnow).  

>Log shows they received it, but too many people are saying they did not
>get it, to believe its all user head space error.

>Anyone else having problems with it?  Seems more prevalent in an area of
>one of telephone providers than another.

>Connect5 has blamed the victim in the past, but they are looking at issue

>Steve Jarrett
>District Technology Supervisor
>Chittenden East Supervisory Union

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