I'm really excited to announce a new course that Jane Wilde and I will be
co-teaching at Marlboro College  starting this January.   Here is a flyer
you can use to send out to educators who might be interested in  making
their own ebooks,  apps,  or other interactive  media for mobile learning.

------------------- Announcement --------------------------

Are you an educator who is ready to  make their own ebooks, apps, or
interactive media for today's students to learn anywhere, anytime,
with any device?

Or perhaps you've been wanting to get students MAKING  their own apps,
games, books as part of your curriculum?

Then check out this new offering at Marlboro College.

[image: Document] Marlboro Course Making Mobile Media for
Snapshot of the item below:


New Course Offering
Marlboro College

Making Mobile Media for Educators


Jane Wilde

Lucie deLaBruere

 EDU625.W14      Registration

Who should take this course?

Educators who want to create media that students can use to learn anywhere,
anytime using their mobile devices.

Educators who want to publish their first ebook (for Apple or Android

Educators who would like to set up a new mobile learning space for their
students (iTunes U, MOOC,  Open ed course,  mobile LMS)

Educators who want to make their first mobile app

Educators who would like to learn how to add ebook publishing and games/app
development to their curriculum.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Then join Jane Wilde and Lucie deLaBruere for a semester of “making” mobile
media at Graduate School of Marlboro College.

An introductory course targeted at educators who want to make mobile media
(games, simulation, interactive ebooks, apps, online learning modules,
iTunes U courses) to support teaching and learning. Relevant readings on
the current state of mobile learning in education will be assigned and
discussed as students create their own mobile media.  We will experience
development options that use combination of both computers and mobile
devices (tablets, phones, etc). You will need a computer for this course
(Mac or Windows) and access to a mobile device to share and test the mobile
media you create. Participants will choose one interactive media
development platform for Android or Apple devices and become familiar with
that platforms development cycle (from conception to publishing a
prototype).  Examples of a final project are: An iTunes U course, a working
app prototype, an interactive multimedia ebook, a STEM (Science Technology
Engineering, Mathematics) unit where your students create mobile media, ,
or an mobile friendly open education course.,  A basic ability to use
mobile devices, computers and the Net is the only prerequisite. No
experience in app development or computer science needed.

Questions? Email
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Enrollment is now open for Marlboro Continuing Education courses that can
be taken on a per-class basis. Classes start January 3rd.Register using the
online form <> at:

EdTech MAT Courses

   - Making Mobile Media for Educators
   - Introduction to Physical Computing (Makerspaces/fab labs) in Education
   - Facilitating Online Learning (Moodle)
   - Instructional Design

Also, if you know someone you think would be right for a Marlboro degree,
this would be a great time for them to contact Joe at 802-258-9209 or
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Lucie deLaBruere <>

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Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.
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Lucie deLaBruere

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Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.
  - James M. Barrie