I would be interested in this Caleb.

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Anyone interested in an Intro to Maker class? I studied it at NYU's ITP program and I'm inchin' to teach it. I'm thinkin'
  • 3 grad credits
  • Pico Cricket boards interfacing with Scratch.com
  • Arduino/breadboard basics
  • Tinkercad to 3D printing. 
  • Appropriate academic readings. 
Now, this could be in person via an intensive, or blended, or all online. Online is doable since all the basic kits come with directions that are amazing nowadays. The class would have students document their work and use the class as a support group. 

The cost of a basic Maker fablab is about the same cost as one Smartboard after all...

See my friend from grad school Jaymes' TEDx talk: http://youtu.be/vpPSe6zrMp4?t=12m49s


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