I have 22 Chromebooks sitting here at my desk.

These were the $199 Acers (C710-2834) and adding $40 3 year ADD with square trade.

Based on the recent discussion, I know many are skeptical of ADD, and for such an inexpensive device to boot, but that's the decision we made.

Did not get the $30 google management (wanted to spend it on ADD instead).

This is for 6th grade, so we will have 1-1 in 6,7,8.

In seven and eight, they have former cart laptops.

I am hoping for (looking forward to) fewer support issues with the Chromebooks (virus, software, etc).

I have been interested in Chromebooks for a long time, but in this case it was the teachers desire to pick Chromebooks. When I had suggested them before and they were luke warm at best.

Really wish I could have afforded and gotten my hands on a 4gb C720 (bc of batt life).

Fairly confident our ISP will hold up, a bit concerned about our WiFi (open mesh) as 22 is more than they officially support, but I have a few spare APs if need be.

Will report back anything of note.