Without a chromebook option I am not interested.

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Hello Southern VT folks...  (South of Route 4 especially)


You will recall we have developed a program for 1:1 programs in the state with the MLTI (Multi-state Learning Technology Initiative)  work we did with Maine.  Finally, I am pleased to say that some of the contracts seem to be moving a bit.. nothing to release quite yet but I anticipate January being a time when I can share some of these contracts.


There have been a couple of inquiries in Southern VT schools and I am trying to organize some kind of demo event/presentation so schools can explore all of the options and ask questions about the program.  Would like to do this in early to mid January.   Other areas of the state to follow if there continues to be interest. 


If you are in a school in the southern region, please contact me off-list to let me know you or someone at your schools might be interested in taking part in a demo event in January.  




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