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From the Agency, we are working to promote the events that we are seeing being generated from the csedweek site as well as the site Lucie has created that highlights the schools in Vermont.   (THANKS Lucie!) 


I have reached out to the Career and Tech Centers to see if they would be willing to provide mentor students to work with your classrooms when doing some of the activities.  IF you have a Career Center near you or even on your campus, please reach out TO them and don’t be surprised if you get some reach out FROM them.   We want to encourage as much collaboration between your schools and the regional centers as we can..


Also.. I have reached out to the Computer Science folks at UVM.  They are interested in having UVM students get out to some of the schools as well in this same capacity.  Being that it is finals week next week there, it is probably most likely that Chittenden County will be their focus, but if your school is in that region it would not hurt to reach out to them as well.  Robert Snapp is the person I have been in contact with.  His email is [log in to unmask]  He has done a great job in getting the word out to students and has asked that students in VT going home for break across the state reach out to schools in their region. 


There is something going out today in the Weekly Field Memo this week to superintendents, school boards, tech coord, principals, etc. to help them keep this on their radar..


I am also reaching out to our press contacts to promote this so you may get calls from local press to come do a story...Use the power of the press folks!  If you are trying to support 1:1 .. this could be a good way to do so.


Sigrid and I are planning on visiting some schools and capturing some of the activities through AOE social media, photos etc. for next week.  Thanks for all the efforts folks! Great to see Vermont so well represented on the site. 




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