Hello US Debate World!

I'm writing to let you all know that this years volume of the Monash Debate
Review is now available online:

I'm really proud of this volume, thanks to a plethora of excellent and
impressive authors. The issue includes a section the issue of
discrimination, and I think has some really important insights to offer to
the ongoing discussions in our community about gender, language status, and
race. I'd really encourage everyone to take a look.

We also have a section on debate around the world. A couple of the pieces
are about developing a viable debate society and community, so I hope that
might be helpful to some of you. There are also a couple of fascinating
pieces on debate in China and Cameroon, which are super interesting and
should help us understand the international debate community a little

The final section offers discussion on reform - one article proposes that
we should get rid of speaker tabs, and the other two debate the benefit (or
not) of information slides. I think there are some good questions for us
all to consider, especially those planning tournaments in the future.

And if its nationalism that'll get you reading, America is well represented
amongst the Authors! In addition to the two US Editors (Andrew Connery and
James Kilcup), we have articles from Shengwu Li, Emma Pierson (both
Stanford), Kate Falkenstien (Yale/Stanford), Lilia Kilburn (Amherst) and
Steve Llano (St. Johns).

Finally, for long time MDR fans, there is also a new website! In addition
to the online version of the print edition that is beautifully formatted,
you can now also view - and comment on - each article individually.

Enjoy! And if anyone has any questions regarding the MDR, do get in touch.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

Mary Nugent
(Editor MDR Vol 11.)