On 12/9/2013 4:14 PM, Russell Leibowitz wrote:
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Hey everyone,

On behalf of the entire Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society, I would like to sincerely thank everyone for coming out to the 2013 Brandeis IV. It was an absolutely fantastic tournament, and we are already looking forward to next year. We hope all of you had as great a time debating and judging as we did hosting you. As always, if there are any outstanding questions, comments, or concerns, do let us know. 

That being said, many thanks are in order. First of all, thanks to Steve Llano from St. John's for running a super fast and efficient tab. We absolutely would not have been able to run as quick of a tournament without his help. More thanks to all of the fantastic judges who came out this weekend. 

Moreover, thanks to Shengwu Li, Ben Kornfeld and Brad Burns for serving on our adjudication staff. The motions led to some fantastic debate, and their help was invaluable in preparing for this tournament. Finally, thanks to Veronica Saltzman, Mike Abrams, and the entire Brandeis team for ensuring this tournament ran well with almost no difficulties. It certainly would not have happened without all of you.

Unfortunately, my file converting skills aren't ideal, so ignore the hyperlinks on the tab documents, but all the information is on them:

You can click this link for the full team tab.
You can click this link for the full speaker tab. 
You can click this link for elimination rounds results.
You can click this link for a list of the motions.
Attached you will find a zip drive with motion fairness statistics.

Once again, thanks to everyone for coming out, and we hope to see you here in Waltham again next year!

Thank You!
Ya'll did a great job with the tournament. We enjoyed it very much.

Ithaca College