Three great encounters during the Mad River CBC today.

Firstly, as we stood in a backyard watching a feeder in Northfield village,
a small raptor flew over our heads. This Sharpy barely missed picking off a
chickadee lunch before flying off into the trees.

After lunch we decided to continue around on foot. Hearing a crow we looked
a ways in front of us where a fair sized bird perched atop a tree. Not a
crow but a Coopers Hawk. Thankfully this bird let me get some decent photos.

Later while looking at some feeders at a house surrounded be dense woods we
heard a couple of distressed sounding ravens. A raven flew out from the
forest down the road from us, followed immediately by a larger, faster
moving bird. We could see by its shape as it made a few circles that it was
an Accipiter but it was big. Looking closer at my photos proved it:
Northern Goshawk.

Three Accipiters in one day (and a CBC day at that). Thanks to the Mad
Birders for a great count.

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