Hi all,

Today I had 7 Snowy Owls, (6 in Addison, and 1 in New Haven). Justin
LeClaire  also had 2 in Addison that were different from the ones I saw. He
also saw 5 of the same Snowy Owls that I saw, for a total of 7 as well.
Locations are as follows, with a few photos...

1) Across the road from the goose viewing structure at Dead Creek.

2) Intersection of Jersey St/ Rt.17 on fence behind barn.

3) Atop farm equipment on East side of Jersey St. just past sharp left turn.

4) Atop Barn Owl box East of West Addison general store.

5) In field between Rt. 17 and Gage Rd.

6) In plowed field on North side of Town Line Rd.

7) Flew across Rt. 7 (almost smashed into windshield) on New Haven flats.

8)Justin's SNOW: Tree across field at Goodrich Corners/Jersey St.

9)Justin's SNOW: Country Club Rd. near Short-eared Owl spot.

Also, lots of Rough-legs and Red-tails around. I didn't count, but I'd
guess I saw between 20-30 today total, in about equal proportions. Other
highlights that I can recall were a Savannah Sparrow at the intersection of
Jersey St/Rt17, 2 Snow Geese (one has an injured wing) on the ice beneath
the NY bridge, and a hybrid Mallard/American Black Duck in Button Bay. Also
lots of Snow Buntings and Horned Larks around, with smaller numbers of
Lapland Longspurs mixed in.

Happy Holidays!
Tyler Pockette