Hi VTbirders,

It was nice to see so many people out today enjoying the Snowy Owl show
throughout Addison. I spent several hours (9am-2pm) searching for as many
owls as I could, and ended up with a total of 9 different birds. Here were
their locations..

1) Gage Rd. (took a while to find with poor viewing conditions)
2) Goose viewing area. (also took some time scanning with scope to find)
3) Jersey St/Rt 17 (well behind barn in field)
4) Goodrich Corners Rd. (atop tree behind silo)
5) Goodrich Corners Rd. (Farrell access Rd.)
6) Atop Barn Owl box on Rt. 17
7) Town Line Rd. (in field on left before 4-way intersection)
8) Atop first house on left on Rt 125 past Town Line Rd. (driving South)
9) In NW field at intersection of Far Cross Rd/ Otter Creek Rd.)

Also, other birds had seen one atop a power pole at the intersection of Far
Cross Rd. and Rt 22. I searched for it later but could not relocate it.

Happy birding,