I recommend AviSys.  Although you do have to pay for it,
the ability to record your sightings easily and the ability to pull almost
any report you might want makes it well worth the cost.  Tech support is
excellent with extremely good response time.  I don't mean to infer that
there are problems with the software, but that if you have questions of any
sort you WILL get an answer - and quickly.  You can enter multiple sightings
for any given date or place easily and efficiently, and the software allows
you to pull a list of almost any requirement you might have. Want to know
what species you saw between 5/12/2002 and 9/23/2012 in Carteret county, NC?
Avisys can tell you!  To date, I have 21,169 records in my AviSys file - and
I wouldn't give it up for any money!

If you only want to keep a life list and throw away all other records, then
you might want to simply make a document file - no software, no cost.
Mona Bearor
South Glens Falls

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Birding friends,

One of these days, I'll be organizing a binder full of too many notes and
checklists into one decent life list.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on
what works for you -- software you've purchased, online service, customized
Excel spreadsheet.


Ann Curran