The huge concentration of waterfowl is still present at DAR State Park in Addison. I was there today between 8 and 12 this morning, highlights included: 

Tufted Duck- 1 male with small tuft 
Barrows Goldeneye- 2 males
Redhead- 4: 2 males, 2 females
White-winged Scoter- 2 
Iceland Gull-1 first year bird
Lapland Longspur- 1 flyover with about 35 Snow Buntings

Common Goldeneye- 1500 

Greater Scaup- 500 

Lesser Scaup-1200

The ice margin is about 250-300 yards north of the northern border of the park, and waterfowl can be viewed well, especially with a scope from the wooden observation platform at the northern edge of DAR. 

I did a quick count and came up with very approximate numbers that were similar to the more thorough count by Ian Worley and Ron Payne on Friday. The number of individuals is astounding, and I highly recommend visiting.