Wow.  As if hospitals aren't already disguising themselves as hotels and/or
Disney World. Maybe they should just change their codes, if they worry that
anyone who hears "Code Blue" will "see them in a negative light."   Code
Puce, anyone?

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> An alternative to overhead voice paging is to use a "Bong Bong" sound or
> perhaps a brief musical theme, which would not likely be noticed by the
> public.
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> Hi!
> I've been asked to look for another method of calling "Code Blue" other
> than
> overhead paging.  Some have stated that overhead calling a code blue makes
> visitors or other patients see the hospital in a negative way- people are
> dying here type of thing. I'm not finding any information on this at all.
> And If your hospital uses another method, please let me know. Thank you!
> Any help received will be greatly appreciated!
> Gail
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