I don't blame Mark for not wanting to pay that much for a ticket at Stowe.  Especially with the current conditions.  However as Scott has posted several times on FB, you have to purchase tickets online to get the deals. You could have used your phone to purchase your ticket.

I did meet one lister that was taking advantage of the club days.  

Stowe was skiing firm and fast.  Things loosened quite a bit on the gondola.  Perry Meril was skiing very nicely and got better as the day went on.  Around 11AM there essentially no lift lines.   I started my day at 9, took a long breakfast break and left the mountain at 1PM.  Even with such a slacker approach to the day, I still managed to get in 12 runs.

On Sun, 8 Dec 2013 22:04:31 -0500, Chris Moog <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Too bad about Stowe.  December 6-8 were Ski Club Appreciation days,
>tickets were $46 for one day and $69 for two day tickets.  I thought
>about driving up but had other things I needed to do down here.
>On 12/8/2013 9:20 PM, Mark P. Renson wrote:
>> It was a weekend of peculiar decisions made by me........
>> So, hoping that after last week's thaw snow would move in and leave a
>> few inches on hardpack like it did last weekend, I headed up north
>> still smiling from last weekend's fun.  Stepping out at MRG, I found
>> that was not to be.  Instead, it was death crust with bare spots.  OK,
>> so I headed to Sugarbush' Mascara Mountain on Saturday morning with my
>> alpine gear to see what good things Gretchen and her dad Bob have done
>> there beyond that monstrous phallic object that was constructed at the
>> base area.  I did take a lesson in the morning that proved to be
>> outstanding and I was able to build upon things that Terry Barbour at
>> MRG drilled into me.  The skiing was alright, all things considered.
>> The pitch between the Allyn House and the summit lift - I think that's
>> Downspout - turned into nasty porcelain as the day went on, but the
>> other runs stayed pretty nice especially the ones that had been
>> getting splattered with aggressive snowmaking the prior 24 hours or
>> so.  I went into the base lodge for lunch that I had brought along and
>> went to get a paper cup in the food court and was told I would be
>> charged 35 cents for that.........ummm, I was then advised that I
>> could get the small dixie cups by the water cooler, instead to which I
>> did.  I had a blast working on my technique the rest of the day and
>> wound up having a fun day.
>> So, for today I figured I'd go to Stowe and ride the lifts to get in
>> mileage using the lessons I had learned the prior day.  Ah yes, Stowe
>> with their great terrain and big vertical would make for some great
>> fun and I was sure I'd get an early season rate.  So, I get there,
>> plopped my boot bag in the Mt Mansfield base lodge and went to the
>> window to get a ticket.  Turns out that I would have to get one of
>> those "Evolution Cards" for $5 and then pay $98 for a day pass which
>> meant shelling out $103 for a lift ticket for the day.  Yeah, they're
>> calling it midseason there.  NO EFFING WAY, JOSE, was I gonna' pay
>> THAT much.  So I walked away and it appears that the small family that
>> was there in front of me had done the same thing.  Fortunately, prior
>> to going to the ticket window, I took a massive dump which just might
>> have caused the ornate plastic flowers in the bathroom to wilt, so at
>> least I got something out of dropping buy at Stowe.
>> OK, I still wanted to get in some laps and associated miles, so I
>> headed to the next nearest lift served ski area - Bolton Valley.  I
>> figured they'd have a good ticket deal for some lift served.  When I
>> got there, I was happy to see a sparse crowd in the parking lot.  So,
>> I shut off the engine and looked up at the lifts and whaddya' know,
>> they weren't spinning. That's cuz' it wasn't open.  Duh.  Note that I
>> still don't have one of those wicked smaht phones.
>> What next?  I figured I'd go to Smuggs and if that didn;t work, I
>> guess my next logical stop would be Tremblant.  OK, Smuggs worked as
>> nice friendly pretty Diane at the ticket window sold me a ticket for
>> $67.  So, I did laps off of Sterling.  After a buncha' runs, I ran
>> into patroller Linda at the top.....who told me that I shoulda' called
>> her to get at least half price on a ticket!  Ummm, I gotta' find a way
>> to gtet better at being a civilian skier at the lift served areas, I
>> guess.  Anyway, conditions got pretty slick pretty quickly at Smuggs
>> and it wasn't exactly compelling.  Err, I guess I shoulda' gone to
>> Sugarbush or gone hiking.
>> Oh well, bigger 'n better things are'll see.
>> Mark P. Renson
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