My local library prints forms for people for free from the website, alternately I am offering to help people call the department of taxes to order their books and handing out the leaflet to all who ask.  I will not be printing them myself, but as I said I can direct people to the library which will print individual forms for folks.  Another good resource is the Area Agency on Aging where I know they help many of our seniors to file their taxes.  If you have an AAA I would contact them to see if they have resources for your residents as well.  So far the transition has been much more positive than I might have expected here in Barton, I hope you find the same success, presentation is key and if you present it in a positive light it is much more likely to be received in a positive way!

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Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 9:42:10 AM
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So how are other towns handling the fact that the Tax Department will not
send out tax forms in bulk anymore, even if picked up?  We have a nightmare
on our hands with the elderly and computer illiterate.  We even tried to
have a local legislator pick some up and they were denied!  Yet, a local
resident had three booklets mailed to her and it cost over $5.00 in postage.
And that was before the postage increase this week!  Is this really going to
end up being the cost savings they hoped?  I really don't want to get into
printing a bunch, are any Towns doing that?

Cassandra Barbeau
Assistant Town Clerk
Bennington, VT
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