Thank you for your input. I believe the kennel license is now replaced by the Pet Dealer's License. Can you send me a copy of the form that you have the owners sign? 

I have the same problem here. We have a couple of hunters keeping beagles for their own use and someone with sled dogs. They are not breeders, but want a break on licenses. I am just a little uncertain how to deal with this this year. It goes against my conscience to issue licenses to these people when I know they don't really qualify, but I don't feel comfortable confronting them either.

I have a call into VLCT for specific clarification that I can't find in ANY of the piles of paper that I have downloaded from various sites. The State Veterinarian's office can't answer these questions as they are no longer involved in this licensing due to the legislature putting it in the hands of the municipalities.

If I get any information from them, I will try to let anyone know that is interested. 


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The "Book of Woof" can be downloaded off the VLCT 
website.  Our clerk did it a couple of days ago. 
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>I  was able to get a pdf draft copy of the book of woof by contacting VLCT. I  tried to send it to you, but the muninet will not take that attachment. Marge  Peff [log in to unmask] 
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>Does anyone  understand how the Pet Dealer Permits are going to work this year as opposed  to the former Kennel/Special Licenses? Is there any literature for us to use  (other than the statutes)? I would like to be able to at least appear to know  what I am talking about when these people come in to renew. We have a total of  7.