Nothing like diving into a big project using last year's methods...

A lesson in web 2.0 tool evolution: collaboration via Google Drive is "no
longer supported," although accounts created before 01/07/13 can still
"Invite" others to collaborate on Projects. That is now a Premium feature
for new accounts. Publishing to YouTube was also rolled into Premium
sometime last winter, but free accounts using WeVideo for Google Drive (the
Chrome App, NOT can still publish to Drive and you can lift it
to YouTube from there.

I am still very supportive of WeVideo as a good web-based video editor
(esp. for those w/o 1:1,) but it's sad that collaboration is no longer
available for free. That's how it goes!

*Eric Hall*
*Technology Integration Specialist*
*Mount Mansfield Union High School*
*Chittenden East SU*

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